Sharon Faresa

Sharon has excellent work ethics, hard-working and does everything well.  As Church treasurer she makes sure all our church bills, expenses and finances are up to date. She is gifted in so many areas and brings so much to the team. 

Sweetie Faresa

Sweetie is a man of Honour, a man of Integrity and a man of his word. He brings wisdom and stability to the Church Board. 

Norman Buntrock

Norman grew up on the mission field, spent over 20 years as a high school teacher, and is passionate about raising his own children in the ways of the Lord also.  He and Rachel have been very happily married now for over 4 years!

Imogen Dowler

Tribal Young Adults is a group cultivated in Faith and Joy!We keep each other accountable, by addressing real life and hard hitting issues! We love using Food and Sport to connect with those who are around us.We endeavour to build relationships not only with each other but a Strong relationship with Jesus Christ.